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What year is it?

Modern procurement means getting a good offer smoothly. We asked ourselves: why is it not possible in 2020 to get an offer to compare prices with just a few clicks? If no one else does it, we'll just have to do it ourselves. Welcome to WireMayr!

We supply European companies with cable harnesses and cable assemblies for electronic products, household appliances and industrial machinery. It is important to us to offer an excellent price-performance ratio without forgetting the environment and fair working conditions.

We are enthusiastic about the idea of bringing modern technologies and techniques to cable procurement. The goal is to save time, avoid mistakes and make order processing as professional as possible.

From my own experience I can say that the search for a cable supplier for SMEs can be very tedious – especially if quality and price are to go together.

Established partnerships

We work with selected production partners with whom we have been cooperating for years now. Thanks to a direct, transparent communication culture, there have been no significant delivery delays even in times of Corona.
We want to use this partnership to give European companies an advantage.

In the future, we will make our share of your supply chain more environmentally friendly step by step and communicate this in a comprehensible way. This means above all breaking new ground in transport logistics, but also using recyclable, sustainable materials for packaging.

Let's go

Are you looking for a modern supplier for your cable and want to compare prices quickly and easily? Then you are only a few clicks away from your offer.